My name is Adam. 

For four years I worked as a zookeeper at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo. Spending each day up close with wild animals, I got to know them in a personal, intimate way. I built trust with skittish primates, handled deadly rattlesnakes, trimmed an armadillo’s toenails and trained headstrong crocodiles.

I’ve had my shoe untied by a vulture. 

I’ve had bushbaby twins sit on my head. 

I’ve raced a zebra (he never let me win).

And I named the world’s most famous living camel: Alexander Camelton.

When I left zookeeping, I knew I had ideas to bring to life. I stumbled upon painting somewhat by chance and decided that this was it. This was my medium and my calling.

I share with others what I’ve seen up close for myself: intelligence, emotion, personality, depth, power. Living art, forged over millions of years in the fires of fierce competition for survival. 

I want you to see as I see.


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